Lisbon, Istanbul, Tokyo

lisbon1 lisbon2 lisbon3 lisbon4 lisbon5 istanbul1 istanbul2 istanbul3 istanbul4 istanbul5 tokyo1 tokyo2 tokyo3 tokyo4 tokyo5

Lisbon is located in the far west side of  the Eurasia continent. Istanbul is situated in the middle. Finally, Tokyo is positioned in the far east side. 1541, Japan was discovered by Portuguese people by the sea route. Sometimes, I feel Padrão dos Descobrimentos is fictitious monument, but at the same time, it’s great that the monument exists in not any city but Lisbon. When I visited Lisbon, I could always touched the atmosphere of edge like Japan. Comparing to two frontier cities, Istanbul has strong centrality. It’s huge difference between Lisbon-Tokyo and Istanbul. There are many sharp structures in Lisbon and Tokyo, but Istanbul has many structures of circle.

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