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Today is March 11th. I can’t forget the date in my life. At 2:46pm, March 11th, 2011, the huge earthquake attacked east Japan. It was just ordinary Friday. I was discussing in the office of our client. At first, indeed, the shock was strong, but I felt that I had had the shock sometimes, but the earthquake became stronger by degree. I couldn’t believe that the shock would continue long time. But, anyway in Tokyo, indeed, it’s just big earthquake. I didn’t know coast side town would be hit by terrible tsunami attack again and again….

Truth be told, I had not faced on serious situation before the earthquake. But after the attack, I felt that everything had changed especially in mental idea. I have not been damaged by the earthquake in direct. But I had to re-thinkg everything.

Today is 5th time 3.11 after the earthquake. Above photos, I took in 2012. I’m sure that the condition is better at the disaster area day by day. But at the same time, I understand that we can’t solve basic issues of the suffers. We need to support them and I have to think about them.

One thought on “3.11

  1. Altough the loss and damage (material and emotional) , I admire how the entire nation managed it, and recovered quite fast. If this kind of disaster would cover Romania…I don`t know if i`ll still comment on my fav blog 😦

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