Recently, in Japanese restaurant scene, traditional Japanese bars have been reassessed. As the movement, Japanese rice wines, Japanese foods, and Japanese plates are also getting popular among even young people. It’s very simple TV show, but I feel that program is getting famous among Japanese people. I love it. That is Izakaya Hourouki which means travel book for Japanese bar. After 3.11, Japanese people has discovered good things into traditional Japanese things. I think it’s very natural traditional Japanese bars have gotten good revaluation.

Kyushou is not located in Tokyo but Fujisawa city, which is in Shounan-area;Kanagwa prefecture. Fujisawa city faces on the sea. It takes about 1 hour to Fujisawa from Tokyo by train. I think it’s one of the good destination from Tokyo. Shounan-area has Fujiswa city, Kamakura, and Enoshima, by the seaside.

Kyushou is traditional Japanese bar. You can taste and touch great good place. But it’s very famous restaurant, so if you want to visit, I strongly advise that you should book your seat!

kyushou2 kyushou3 kyoushou4 kyoushou5

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