liquors hasegawa

Japanese liquors are getting famous in the world. I like whisky, beer, and Japanese rice wine. If you want to buy Japanese whiskey or Japanese rice wine, Liquors Hasegawa is good option for you. This great shop is located in Tokyo station underground shopping street. There are two shops in the shopping street. One is the shop for wine and Japanese rice wine. And another shop is for hard liquor including Japanese whiskey. Recently, I love not only Japanese whiskey but also Taiwanese whiskey, that is KAVALAN. It’s very nice smell and great taste. When you visit Hasegawa main shop, you can try to taste a shot of whiskey. You can get tasting chance, so I guess you can buy your favorite.

If you wan Japanese whiskey, I recommend you should Date whiskey which is provided by NIKKA! It’s not too expensive. But you can enjoy great taste and sweet smell! Usually, you can get the great whiskey in the shop by about JPY4,000.

hasegawa1 hasegawa2 hasegawa3 hasegawa5 hasegawa7 hasegwa8 hasegwa9

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