Isehiro/伊勢廣 is one of great Yakitori(Japanese chicken BBQ) restaurants in Tokyo. Isehiro opened on 1921. Ozu Yasujirou is famous Japanese film director, and he loved Yakitori menu of Isehiro. The restaurant is very small but you can touch Japanese traditional atmosphere. If you want to taste Isehiro’s Yakitori, I advise that you should book your seat by the day before.

If you have tasted Yakitori restaurant some times in Japan, you can feel some differences in Isehiro before you have tasted. Firstly, it’s very hot because of strong fire power from special charcoal, which is 姥目樫備長炭, from Wakayama pref.

You can enjoy lunch time and dinner time. In dinner time, they only provide course menu.

You can try to taste Japanese rice wine;酒. You can drink by the Japanese style cup of Sake. I think Sake is very match with Yakitori. It’s great combination. Ozu Yasujirou created many monochrome films. I can touch the atmosphere of Japanese good old days in this restaurant.

isehiro1 isehiro2 isehiro3 isehiro4 isehiro5


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