2k540 is a shopping street under the rail road of East Japan Railway company, which was based on national railway company, but now, is private listed company. I think it’s amazing that railway company exists as private company in the world, but in Japan, it’s very normal situation. I think Japanese railroad company is managed as not only railway company but also and development company, department store, and travel agency. It’s very interesting business model. I don’t know why foreign country business company doesn’t choose such strategy, maybe getting license is very hard for these company.

Japanese people like train, haha. The short movie is CM to cut over the Kyushu Shinkansen March 12, 2011. Unfortunately, the big earthquake was attacked by East Japan area March 11, 2011, so I think the big event of new Shinkansen starting, was not with celebration, but anyway, I can feel Japanese people like train from the promotion video.

Above promotion video is about Hokuriku Shinkansen that will open on March 14, 2015!

2k540 has many craft shops, I like Nippon department store. I believe you can meet good souvenir!

2k54012k5402 2k5403 2k5404

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