omotesando street show case of architecture design

Omotesando area is one of my favorite spots in Tokyo. There are many symbolic architectures, and we can see flux of town scenery like merry-go-round of architecture. Whenever I come back to here, I can touch new things. Omotesando is name of street. Omote means “main” and Sando means approach to the shrine. That is this stress leads to the shrine; Meiji jingu.

I feel this street has very noble atmosphere. It’s straight road, and the omotesando area is based on the hill top. So, along this street, we can feel the lay of the land. I love such impression.

Dior building was designed by SANAA. I like their work. We can feel open mind and delicacy with human scale. They planned 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, KanazawaNew Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Louvre Lens!

GYRE was designed by MVRDV. It’s the biggest work of them in Japan.

Tokyu praza omotesando harajyuku was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & Takenaka corporation.

omotesando1omotesando2 omotesando3 omotesando5 omotesando6

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