Spring air



In spite of concrete jungle, but sometimes, I can touch the nature feelings in Tokyo. Especially, before Spring season comes, I feel that strongly. Indeed, Tokyo is not warm in winter season. Few days ago, we met snowing! But, in winter season of Tokyo, it’s very dry. So, we can walk without an umbrella in most of days in winter and fell the atmosphere outside. For that reason, I walk around Tokyo, and I can notice small nature living things. This small flower is Japanese Ume tree. Ume is very popular flower shown as good luck. I think Sakura tree is the most famous flower as Spring season flower. But, Ume flower is also beloved since long time ago for Japanese people.This Ume tree is set in the small pot which is called Bonsai by Japanese people. But Ume tree has noble pride in spite of such a small tree.


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